Reasons Business VoIP Systems Are Right For Small Businesses

17 July 2023
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Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or online small business, one of the major components of a business is communication. Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) systems can give you all the communication features you need with the ability to add services as your business grows.


The mobility associated with VoIP is the main reason this system is popular, even among large businesses. Since your phone system is reliant on the internet for connectivity, you can move around the building or even travel and have access to the system. You can stay connected with your business through any internet service, even free hotspots, if necessary. This makes VoIP of particular importance if there is ever an internet outage at your home or business. VoIP systems can be used on any number of devices, without the need for a traditional, landline phone. If your employees work remotely, they can use their computer and a headset to connect with the cloud-based system if they do not want to use their mobile devices.


VoIP systems are not only about inbound or outbound calling, they include any number of features. Features you will want to include in your plan are a voicemail box and text messaging capabilities. Voicemails are saved in the cloud and may be automatically transcribed to email and forwarded to the appropriate people within your business. This eliminates the need for anyone to relay a message to another person and the potential for miscommunication. Text messaging is an excellent tool because it can be used for marketing. Many businesses encourage customers to opt-in to text messaging to receive important information and coupons. Text messaging campaigns can be handled within the system. Call forwarding, multiple lines, and hold music are other features worth considering.

Conference Tools

Many VoIP systems include conference tools, which are ideal if you have remote employees that must work together or have meetings. Employees can use the cloud-based system to connect via video and audio. Occasional meetings can promote a sense of team-building and cohesiveness. Other forms of conferencing tools include group messaging and/or chat software. The interaction between employees does not always need to be done through video. A chat system provides employees with a way to ask questions or gain feedback in a fast, asynchronous manner.

One of the best investments for small businesses is finding a way to communicate with customers and employees. VoIP systems are the most cost-effective and scalable way to have a good communication system that goes wherever you go.

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