How To Home Automation While On Vacation

22 July 2017
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When going on vacation, it's a good idea to set up your home automation to ensure that your home is not only protected, but that you know it is protected since you can check up on it at all times. Here's how to use your home alarm systems automation effectively while on vacation:

  • Adjust the Lighting Schedule: Have your home automation system turn the lights on and off periodically throughout the day. This makes it appear as if someone is home or at least keeping a watch on the home. This is going to deter thefts easily. The best thing to do is set the lights so that the patio lights and other outdoor lighting comes on at night along with the hallway light and then turn off during the day. 
  • Have Cameras Record When Motion Lights are Set Off: It's a good idea to have motion lights near the entrances of your home, then you can have the cameras set up to start recording once they are set off. This way, if there is any suspicious activity, it's caught on camera, which ensures that you capture potential criminal activity and report it. You can also have the cameras start recording when someone rings the doorbell, which is a good way to monitor who is coming and going from your home. Many times, salespeople or people pretending to be salespeople will return to homes if they don't find them occupied earlier. 
  • Set Up Alerts: It's also a good idea to set up alerts for the proper authorities so that they can make their way to your home in the case that something is happening. You can also have alerts set up to your phone so that you can even alert the authorities if you notice that there is something going on around your home you want checked up on since you aren't able to be there. You can have alerts set for an open window, door, or motion light that is set off. 
  • Monitor Teen Activity: If you have a teen staying at your home while you are away, it's a good idea to always check up on their activity. This way, no parties are being thrown in your home while you are away. This is a good way to ensure that your home is being cared for, as well. 

When you use your home automation in this way, you can be sure that your vacation is a stress-free one knowing that you will return to a home that is safe and welcoming.