What Features Do You Need In An Alarm Company?

27 August 2018
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Today, security alarms have become more of a necessity than a luxury. This change manifests in the sudden boom in the number of security alarm companies in your area. The technology of these security alarms may be too technical for a typical homeowner to understand -- basically, the principle of home security is to secure entry points and interior points containing the most valuable items in your house. Here are the features that you need in an alarm company:

Standard Security Features

The first feature that you'll need from an alarm company is the standard security toolkit. The basic home security system is composed of the following components: control panel, door and window sensors, high-decibel alarm, and security cameras. The control panel is the brain of the security system that connects all installed components and communicates with the homeowner in cases of unauthorized breach. Door and window sensors ensure that the doors and windows are closed and reports any breach by sounding the high-decibel alarm. The alarm does not only inform the homeowner about a breach -- it should also be loud enough for your neighbors to hear or to send the burglar running away. The surveillance cameras are used to monitor remote buildings, entry points, and hard-to-monitor areas of your yard. Other advanced home security systems remotely connect your system to your phone app, through which you can talk to someone at your front door even if you're not at home.

Professional Monitoring and Response

Aside from the devices, you also need your security alarm company to monitor and respond to your system. A professionally-monitored system also informs your security alarm company about your home's security problem. Within one minute, a trained security expert will communicate with the homeowner or call the emergency contact number listed in their account.

Self-monitored Systems

Other homeowners prefer self-monitoring; they just get the basic features and devices from the security alarm company and then monitor and respond to their own emergencies. Rather than the security alarm company, it is the homeowner who contacts the police, fire, and emergency response when they hear the security alarm.

Of course, while professionally-monitored security systems are the most secure, they may also come at a hefty price. Either way, having a home security system drives away burglars who might be hunting for an easy target. A security alarm company can help keep you in control so you can make sure your loved ones and treasured belongings are safe. For more information, you can contact companies like Enhanced Telecommunications and Data.